Tips on Being an Independent Woman


For years, opportunities for women have been marginalized across the board. Ranging anywhere from education, to careers, to politics, women have been disproportionately recognized along various domains. Thankfully, the feminist movement has done wonders to empower our women, thereby giving them opportunities that were at one time, but a mere fantasy. But despite their best efforts, being an “independent woman” still has its challenges for many. Some women are first generations of the “independent women era” and therefore have limited role modeling. Others have had sufficient role modeling, but lack the self-confidence that an “independent woman” exudes. Whatever the limitations that prohibit many women from reaching their status of being “independent women,” this is the article for them. Here, you will find a few strategies that can be utilized in order to position you to be the “independent woman” that you are destined to be.

All “independent women” must be able to trust themselves. You will experience all types of obstacles, many of which will encourage you to lack confidence in your own beliefs and abilities. Understand that all “independent women” will experience barriers like this, but believing that you can overcome

3 Tips to Become a Fearless Woman Entrepreneur


So here you are…finally your own boss. You’ve quit your “real” job, maybe you’ve rented a little office or are now squirreled away in the unused bedroom…rocking it out as the next superstar business woman…the next one to be mentioned in Inc. magazine’s fastest-growing woman-owned business. Yes. The future awaits you. But now what?

Studies show that successful entrepreneurs have an extremely high tolerance for uncertainty and fear and also above-normal tendencies for risk taking. So, if you’re a woman entrepreneur, it’s critical to know where you meet the criteria and where you need some work!

Chances are, if you’ve already started your own business, you do possess at least a few of those traits or you wouldn’t be sitting where you are today. However, if you’re not totally confident and fearless, you can find yourself paralyzed, sabotaged or, sadly, out of business.

So, how do you become a fearless woman entrepreneur?

Tip 1: Get Networked and Find Support

If you are finding yourself unable to move forward, or if you are confused, uncertain or paralyzed, you need to get support. Call your local chapters of the Small Business

4 Easy Tips To Becoming More Attractive


In this article I will share some simple tips that will help get you more noticed and may even get people starting conversations with you. You may get complimented about what you are wearing and you will know how to maximize this to the benefit of all.

One of the first things I recommend is to find out more about who you are and what you want in your life. Asking clear questions so that you can consciously set things in motion and allow your subconscious mind some time to really help move things along, too.

This way, your body and all of your mind is working together as a powerful team helping you in every way possible to achieve your goals. For more ways to do this you can check out other articles from me or contact me at nyc prime hypnosis.

Later on in this article, I will share some true stories of clients. One of these clients had taken some misguided advice from a famous dating guru.

It cost him much in terms of money, time and energy and did not get him what he wanted. It promised magic quickly and easily, while

Tips to Make Women Find You Attractive

If you are a single guy and you are looking to get better results with women, then I think it is safe to say that you have been met with some frustrations. After all, men and women tend to be quite different when it comes to the things that attract them, and you have to get a real understanding of what attracts women if you want to actually see some of that success that you’ve been longing to have. Don’t let another weekend go by where you are sitting on your couch, wishing that you had a woman you could call on to take out.

Here are some tips on how to make yourself more attractive to women that will help you end up getting more dates and better results with women:

1. Start with freshening up your look.

While women are not nearly as superficial when it comes to appearance as guys can be, you still want to be sure that you look your best and that you make a good impression when she first lays eyes on you. You wouldn’t want to approach a woman with a stained shirt on, would you? Well, even if your wardrobe is not that

Best Multi Vitamins For Women Tips For Choosing the Best One

Today you’ll find that there are many women vitamins out there on the market. However, picking out the best multi vitamins for women can be a difficult task and in some cases it can even be a bit confusing. Sometimes even looking at the bottles can be a bit misleading for you, and there are many vitamins to choose from. So, how do you choose the right vitamins for your needs? Well, here are some top tips that will help you to decide on the right multi vitamin for your needs as a woman.

Tip #1 – Includes All the Essential Vitamins – First of all, it’s very important that you choose a great multi vitamin that includes all of the essential vitamins that you need. Scientific studies have shown that there are 30+ vitamins as well as minerals that women need. So, take a look to make sure that the women vitamins you choose have all the essentials that you need.

Tip #2 – Natural Formula – When you are looking for the best multi vitamins for women, you’ll definitely want to find a natural formula. Ingredients that are extracted from plant sources rather than developed in a lab somewhere are

Tips to Attract Beautiful Women

Want to know what the secrets are to attract and date beautiful women? Well, most men will make the assumption that a women like that is somehow above and beyond them, but that is not really true. Every day you can take a quick look around and see really average looking guys that have a beautiful woman as their girlfriend. Wouldn’t YOU like to be THAT guy?

Well, you CAN!

Seriously, the only limitations on your success with women are going to be the ones that YOU put on yourself. You have to break free from any thinking that you cannot attract and date a good looking woman, because YOU CAN.

Here are some tips to attract beautiful women that should help you along the way:

1. Women love to be around guys that know how to hold a conversation.

The real trick though, is to know which topics to choose and which ones to stay away from. I can remember being on a double date with a friend of mine and he was really nervous because the woman was so good looking. Well, he started into a conversation about some boring work topic and within about 5 minutes the woman had lost

Tips to Attracting Women Easily

When you want to know how to attract women, there are a couple of things that you must take into account. You have to know exactly what you are looking for. Are you trying to attract women so that you can have the freedom of being able to have choice and selection when it comes to dating and relationships? Or are you just trying to impress your guy friends?

Well, luckily, you can have a little bit of both. After all, when your buds see that you are able to attract women easily, they will be impressed. And having the skills to attract a woman will allow you to have that choice and selection that you are looking for.

Here are some tips for attracting women that will give you an edge in the dating game:

1. When speaking to a woman, you want to avoid looking nervous around her. Sure, the nerves might get to you a bit, but you have to either hide them or get over them if you want to really impress the girl. She’s not going to be enthralled by you if you are obviously intimidate just being near her.

2. When you are flirting with a woman,

Tips to Become Seductive to Women

We’ve all known or at least seen guys that have some crazy and uncanny ability to be able to get women to want to go to be with them. I mean, sometimes, you don’t even have a clue as to how they do it, it just seems to fall in their lap. Either they are just the luckiest guys on Earth, or they know something that you do not. Chances are, they know a couple of things that you do not know that make all of the difference in the world.

If you think that being able to seduce women is all about running game on her, then you may want to open up and learn a little more about what creates sexual attraction with a woman. It’s not about the lines and the game, it’s more about the way that she feels and the vibe that she gets when she is around you. That makes all of the difference in whether or not she ends up in your bedroom or as just another woman that gets away from you.

Here are a few tips on how to seduce women that will help you become “seductive” in a woman’s eyes:

1) Communicate

Pick Up Women Tips and a List of Things Not to Talk About

Use these tips to pick up women easily!

So you have finally got a hot woman to agree to hang out and go out on a date with you. Good job! You have carefully laid the ground work and now you got to be the best you can be during this qualifying stage of a relationship. Use these pick up women tips below..

If you blow it here, you will probably get stuck in the friends zone or worse, will never talk to her again. Use these pick up women tips and avoid these following things on a first date:

– Avoid conversations about politics or religion.
– Don’t flirt with the waitress or look at other girls.
– Don’t talk about past relationships.
– Be funny but don’t be offensive or rude.
– Don’t talk about your sexual kinks, unless if she does.
– Don’t argue. Keep the conversation fun and interesting.
– Don’t let her walk all over you.
– Don’t tell her you love or like her.
– Don’t be early or late for your date.
– Play it cool, be cocky, funny and confident!

Those are the 10 biggest things you’ll want to avoid on your date, to make sure

3 Best Pick Up Women Tips Red Hot Secrets Revealed

If you’re having problems picking up women, it may be because you’re doing it all wrong. Approaching beautiful women is an art, which means there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. If you go about it the wrong way, then you’re doomed to spend Saturday nights alone. However, if you’re willing to accept a few of the best pick up women tips out there, get ready to see your love life explode!

1. Become An Expert In Body Language

One of the first skills you need to master is what a woman’s body language is telling you. A lot of guys ignore this important aspect to picking up girls and just blindly blunder on, not realizing they’re going to be shot down in flames in the next few minutes. However, this is one of the best pick up women tips you’ll come across, so listen closely.

If you don’t want the same thing to happen to you, then pay attention to the signals her body language is sending out. Is she engaging in eye contact with you or is she looking around desperately to be rescued from you?

Have you entered her personal space? If so, is she

7 Killer Approaching Women Tips

If your are going to be an effective pick up artist, you have got to know how to approach women. Luckily for you, most guys haven’t got a clue and most of those that have the confidence go about it the wrong way.

The thing is though, all you need is a little guidance and tuition and you can become a master at approaching the ladies! But if you are feeling a little idiotic for wanting to have some advice, here is my opinion. You had to be taught about algebra and plate tectonics at school so it stands to reason that you might need to learn about the art of approaching women, or better still seducing them.

So what are the secrets to approaching women?

The first thing you have to understand is that this really is a numbers game. The more you practice, the better you will get. You cannot get away from it. When you start out, you may get stressed by approaching women but it is just a process you must overcome.

Approaching Women Tip One: Talk to ALL the women, not just pretty ones.
Most guys only ever approach girls they think are hot. By doing this they

Follow These 5 Tips to Attract Women

Jealous of seeing guys get all the girls without having to lift a finger? Some guys get all the luck, don’t they? Some guys just know how to woo a girl without having to make a scene. Simply say, they have an appeal over women. Could a high appeal be something that’s inborn or can you learn it over time?

The good thing about attraction is this: you’ll only have to learn a few tips, keep these things in mind, and practice them from time to time around girls and you will slowly learn how to attract women effectively. Below are basics of attracting women. Learn how to attract women with tips found below; practice them around women, and soon, that hard work of mastering the art of attracting women will pay off.

1. Make your confidence stand out. Confidence is very important when it comes to attracting women. You must have trust in yourself so that you’ll be able to pull off any sort of “trick” that would impress women and you will also be needing confidence when socializing with women. Your confidence will come in handy when you socialize with men and women and you will need to have

The Best Selection for How to Attract Women Tips

Everyone loves the idea of being with a beautiful woman yet; often men find it difficult to understand women and they feel puzzled while trying to approach a woman. Often they wonder how mystique it is to attain the attention of a beautiful damsel. In order to solve out this puzzle and to grab the attention of the girl of their interest, they look for how to attract women tips. The problem with making a list of tips to attract women is the fact that women are individuals and often they differ from each other. They have their own personality and one cannot generalize their nature and behavior.

Thus, irrespective of how good a list of tips for attracting women is, the only thing that will help you to attain the interest of a girl in you is your own intelligence and smartness to assess her nature and behavior and to start talking with her in the exact manner that you think would be appreciated by her. Here is a attract women tips that will help you while approaching a woman.

The very first of the tips on how to attract women is to be confident and daring, yet calm. A

Seven How To Attract Women Tips

There is so much competition these days if you follow these how to attract women tips you should find yourself ahead of the crowd.

1. Firstly make the most of your appearance. Dress well, make sure you smell great and keep yourself clean. You can attract beautiful women by appealing to her sense. Her eyes will be drawn to you, she’ll want to smell you, touch your gorgeous new shirt and with any luck, kiss your soft lips.

2. Use your body language. This should be pretty easy as if you are genuinely attracted to her; your body will react accordingly. Face her slightly if in a group; push the bit of hair out of her face. Women love this, you are paying extra attention to her, and she will feel special.

3. Be memorable. This is a great tip to attract women. Make her laugh, and laugh at her jokes. Get a bit of banter going, then later in the day she will have a little smile on her face as she replays your conversation in her head. This is a great tip to attract women.

4. Listen to her, this will show that you are interested. But do try to keep

How to Attract Women Tips

They say that there is a ratio of four is to one when it comes to men and women. This only means that a lot of single women are all over the world. How come you are having a hard time attracting one if they consider men as scarce? Here are some how to attract women tips.

1. Be visible. Really, a lot of single women are out there looking and haunting for their only one. Mingle and be known to all these women as much as possible. Let them know that you are existing.

2. Stand out. Surely a lot of men too are being visible to all these women. You are now within the pool of men these women are spotting at so you must make sure that you get plus points so as to stand out amongst the others.

3. Showcase your talents. If you are a good singer then volunteer to sing on an occasion, or join a project you are good at. This will earn you extra points more than you know.

4. Grab every opportunity. If you see her needing something make sure to be there having just what she needs. You will earn the reputation of

Approach Women Tips

Approach women is a topic that guys generally do not like talking about, because they think it “every men should know how to do it”, and so that should not be discussed. But actually, to most guys, approaching women is not that easy and natural: they face fear of approach, approach anxiety and fear of rejection.

Having studied and learned myself how to be successful on that, Ill show you some interesting approach women tips:

First of all: Approaching women is normal. Period. You are not molesting them or doing anything bad. It’s just what guys should do. It’s estimated that beautiful women get approached like 10 times each day. 300 times a month! So it’s time for you to face it and assume you are talking to them for a reason. There is no need to feel embarrassed. Everybody does it.

Another common problem is that guys fear rejection. Let me tell you this: in all my years of testing pickup stuff, I never received words meaner than “no” or “I have a boyfriend”. They won’t go and say “Get out of here you fucking loser” or things like that. And people around you aren’t going to laugh at you. Remember:

7 Simple How to Attract Women Tips

Have you been having difficulty attracting women? Attracting women can be effortless and can be done naturally. Here are seven (7) simple how to attract women tips:

  1. Be well-groomed. Women are attracted to men who may not look that handsome but who are well-groomed and smell nice. Take a good look at your fingernails and toe nails, be sure that they are well groomed because most women assess men by their nails – just a glance at your nails if they are clean and well buffed will tell them if you are conscious of your grooming. Being well-groomed does not also equate to bathing yourself with cheap perfume or aftershave nor is it the same as putting on a lot of gooey deodorant just so you will not stink. Looking clean and neat and smelling just right without leaving an overpowering scent when you pass by is enough not to put women off.
  2. Be self-assured. Women are basically control freaks and are attracted to men who exude confidence without being arrogant and to whom they can depend on. Being self-assured or self-confident without looking arrogant is one important trait needed by any man. It shows that a man is sure of himself,

Dating Gorgeous Women Tips

Ever had that moment where your head just turned when your eyes laid upon this gorgeous and hot woman? I’m sure most of you men out there would have, as our hormones tend to take over our instincts especially in the case of the opposite sex. Curvaceous physique, simply gorgeous looks and a mouth watering smile are some of the features that make men go mad just at the sight of these women. So many of you may ponder, what actually is the secret in dating gorgeous women? And in truth, the secret is not actually a secret but actually something to learn and master.

The first law of attraction that is at utmost importance in attracting gorgeous women is that one should be well groomed and presentable. Most socialites and gorgeous women out there are attracted to men who are presentable, manly, and last but not least nice to look at. If you mannerism and your sense of style has been totally out from the ordinary, it is time to change as you’ll never be able to start dating these super model like women. Dress well and learn to be polite, as these factors portray an individual’s characteristics and

3 Stunning Tips to Attract Sexy Women

If you are looking for some quality attracting women tips, then you are definitely going to want to stick around for a couple of minutes. Attracting women is not rocket science. In fact, it really is only as hard as you make it. And believe me…there are some men out there that are making it WAY too hard! Here is how to attract sexy women and REALLY get noticed…

Attracting Women Tips

1. Dominant Body Language

I bet you didn’t know that women spend more time reading your body language than listening to what you say, did you?

It is an established fact that the majority of communication is nonverbal. With that said, you need to learn how to communicate dominance, and confidence through your body language.

This is usually the first thing I recommend guys learn when they are first beginning in the world of seduction. Without the correct body language, you are really shooting yourself in the foot.

2. Social Proof

The best way to attract other sexy women is to already HAVE ONE on your arm when you walk into a venue. You see, this is all about providing social proof for the other women. If they see a beautiful woman with you,

How to Attract Women Tips

Here are some of the most important how to attract women tips which may be controversial, but the proof is in the pudding: they absolutely do work, period.

Life is short, and if you want to spend time learning little abstract tips that just don’t work, then it really is a waste of time even bothering with researching how to attract women tips. If you want what really works, then keep an open mind and read on!

1. Bigger penis size.

Oh boy, I can hear everyone right now saying, “wait a minute, I thought size didn’t matter?” First of all it does matter, and secondly it works in more than one way. Increased size leads to loads of CONFIDENCE. Time and again, the guys who have increased their size, have completely turned things around for themselves and transformed into much more outgoing individuals, attracting more and more women than ever before. Confidence is king for attraction to be successful, and the number one confidence builder can be bigger penis size. Now before you start popping useless pills, the only real solution to size is to research jelqing exercises which do in fact work.

2. Lasting Longer in Bed.

This is huge and again